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Greg Drust

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Terry Czajkowski

Craig Ebel

Melodija Zycia is once again simply called the Polish Segment of Polka Parade. Featuring the best in polka music with Polish style flair, three DJ's with Polish ethnic heritage rotate each week to give you their perspective of Polish-American polka music.

Terry Czajkowski, Greg Drust, and Craig Ebel, are proud of their cultural and ethnic heritage. Each provides their own distinct perspective of Polish-American polka music. Terry promotes contemporary Polish polka music. Greg Drust is our polka historian and provides an unique perspective of Polish-American polka music. Craig Ebel hosts his own syndicated polks show, It's Polkatime, heard on dozens of stations nation-wide, but provides a unique program for Polka Parade.

Every Saturday morning starting at 10:00 AM you'll hear such greats like the Polka Country Musicians, Lenny Gomulka & the Chicago Push, The Polka Family, Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones, classics like Lil Wally, Marion Lush, Ray Henry, Frank Wojnarowski, and even one or two non-polka tunes that promote Polish culture and heritage.